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Authentic Wellbeing

Would you like...
... to feel deeply well?
... to feel you're bringing all aspects of your self - mind, body and spirit - authentically together?
... to have someone else to support you on your health and well-being journey?

If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes', then you may find working with meditation, bodywork and exercises, along with a reflective tool - the Transformation Game - with Catherine Scanlon something you would like to explore further.

Mindfulness is a present buzzword for being positively present in life and activity; and the strategies offered here are all mindful, bringing you into a better focus, and present in the moment for this reality in the most positive way.

Based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire; easily accessible from Aylesbury, Buckingham, Leighton Buzzard, Olney, Bedford, Northampton; also, Oxford, Cambridge, London; other locations possible by arrangement.

online bookings for some days:
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- for other days and times, please phone or email.

An introduction to Breathing Space: Tools for Wellbeing from practitioner, Catherine Scanlon:

free 10 minute consultation about how
meditation, shiatsu treatment,
do-in and chi kung exercises,
and The Transformation Game
may help you,
and to make a booking
please contact Catherine Scanlon
using this link
or call 01908-679834.
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Tools for Wellbeing - Bodywork and Reflection

What people say...

about Shiatsu Bodywork... 'how could something so gentle be so powerful?'; 'I felt put back together 'the right way'; 'I feel like I've been on a week's holiday'; 'when I win the lottery I will have shiatsu every day!'; 'it's like a magic pill'; 'the day following shiatsu, my sciatic pain resolved itself'; 'what a workout!'; 'I felt better able to make decisions'; 'following shiatsu, I was able to respond to my friend gently rather than irritably, and yet still fully expressing myself'; 'I felt better able to manage situations gracefully, rather than aggressively'; 'if everyone in the world had shiatsu every week, then we would have world peace.'; 'Shiatsu makes you smile!'; 'I've never felt so relaxed in my life!'.

about Bodywork in the form of Do-in and Tai chi qi gong exercises... 'chilled'; 'apparently gentle exercises, left me feeling more balanced and comfortable in my body'; 'some of the standing tai chi qi gong exercises are really challenging'; 'the variety of movement feels really health enhancing'; 'wow, my knees feel better!'; 'after the session, walking back I noticed I felt more benign and peaceful; my pelvis felt 'softer' (in a good way); potentially more able to cope with life'.

about Reflection in the form of Meditation and the Transformation Game... 'the Transformation Game gets me thinking about issues 'outside the box'; 'it's such a special game to support and promote reflection and inspiration'; 'profound - somehow the words on the cards hit the spot, whether I know it at the time or not!'; 'the ideas on the cards can take us places that we weren't expecting, and with unexpected but important wisdom along the way'; 'space for inspiration and allowing next steps to emerge'.

STOP PRESS - transformation game by donation

regular opportunities to play the Transformation Game - see Noticeboard.

contact for more information and to register

good if you have a problem or issue you would like to explore. Finding ways to manifest more satisfaction in your life; what to do with retirement; how to develop a business or relationship in a more fulfilling way - you choose the issue, and the Game will take it forward.

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