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Shiatsu massage is life enhancing, relaxing, stimulating and much more

Below is a demonstration of shiatsu massage:

Shiatsu massage is a Japanese-origin healing practice, which is designed to help balance out Ki/ Chi/ Energy in the body. Generally, there is a discussion of health situation and needs, followed by bodywork including gentle contact, palming pressure, stimulation of acupressure points and stretches. At the end of the session, there is a possibility for check-in about the treatment, and discussion of what to do next in terms of further health/ wellbeing practice and shiatsu treatment.

Japanese Yoga exercises provide complementary balance along with shiatsu massage

Practitioner Catherine Scanlon demonstrates simple Do-in sequence.

Do-in (sometimes called 'Japanese Yoga) 's a kind of gentle exercise to promote health and wellbeing. Regular do-in practice can help improve flexibility, strength and balance. Linked to this is chi kung practice - the simple techniques 'the Chinese do in the park in the morning'. There are a whole range of these stretches and postures which we can look at together in session, and then for you to take into your daily life practice.

Meditation and the Transformation Game - a magical developmental board game...

Facilitator Catherine Scanlon talks about the Transformation Game, and why you might like to play it.

Meditation, stillness and reflection can help take us forward in understanding the past and to move into the future. Angel cards can help as a simple reflective tool. A little bit more complex, there are the Intuitive Solutions cards which can also be useful as a slightly more detailed tool for reflection on problems and issues. These cards come from The Transformation Game, which was developed at the Findhorn Foundation, an intentional spiritual community in Scotland, and which provides a more substantial opportunity to explore a particular issue. Each player chooses their particular focus, and then plays along the board game, using the words and ideas on the cards picked up as stimuli for reflection, ultimately considering what could be next steps to take their particular issue forward. The Game can be played individually or in a group of up to 6 people. Generally, an inspiring and thought-provoking activity.

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credits: shiatsu video by Karen Livesey

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