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I'm intrigued by what it means to be fully well, and committed to being part of a movement to support this in everyone. I am often impressed by the power of the techniques which I have been exploring - Shiatsu Massage, Japanese Yoga and Tai Chi Exercises, and Reflective Techniques such as supported using cards from Intuitive Solutions and the Transformation Game. Simple exercises can help the body rebalance and reconnect. Regular Shiatsu massage can help the body relax and integrate physical, emotional and spiritual life experiences. Regular mindfulness in the form of meditation or reflection can provide a power base for daily life. Use of Intuitive Solutions and the Transformation Game can provide a space to consider development and options, allowing for understanding of patterns good and bad, and ideas of next steps towards particular goals.

I am very interested in integrative medicine - that is, using different medical and healing traditions to promote the best health and wellbeing outcomes. In this regard, I am happy to discuss treatment plans for clients using bodywork and reflection techniques that I offer, as well as to discuss how other methods and colleagues may help in complementary ways. Thus, it can be beneficial to consult medical practitioners (whether general or consultant) as well as e.g. physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, herbalists, nutritionists, in tandem with bodywork such as Shiatsu massage and Japanese Yoga and reflective activities.

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further information

Workshop and Reflection Leader - I have trained in transcendental meditation, and use Angel cards and Intuitive Solutions to help focus meditation.

Shiatsu massage and Do-in Japanese Bodywork Practitioner - my early training was in Brazil, and then many years exploring these techniques before qualifying from the British School of Shiatsu-Do in London in 1995, and registering with the professional register of the Shiatsu Society (UK) in 1996.

Transformation Game Facilitator - a magical game which can be played Solo or in a group up to 6 people - to explore current issues in a holistic and creative way. I first played in 1994, and trained and registered as a facilitator in 2014.

Other things I've done which feed into this work are to have travelled extensively, as well as to have gained a degree in anthropology and a doctorate in biology (in the development of social behaviour). I have spent time with lots of lovely, inspiring, creative people who have created the vessel for my development. Thanks to all of them - so, among many others, Ray Ridolfi for shiatsu, and also Maria Jose Pedregal and Bill Priestley; Joy Drake, Game facilitator Treena Norrish and Angela Morton for the Game; Sir Neil Chalmers and Dr Lynda Birke for all the research work; my family of course - and friends like artist Carola Splettstoesser and photographer Noelia Albuquerque.

free 10 minute consultation about how
meditation, shiatsu massage,
Japanese Yoga and chi kung exercises,
and The Transformation Game
may help you,
and to make a booking
please contact Catherine Scanlon
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Aims, objectives, aspirations

To support health and wellbeing for all, by means of contributing to the practice of integrative medicine.

Objectives and aspirations:
To practice bodywork (in the form of Shiatsu massage, Japanese Yoga and Chi Kung) and to support reflection (using cards from the Transformation Game) to enable wellbeing for all.
To enable a wide range of people to receive and practice these techniques.
To specialise in particular practice such as Bodywork for people with Dementia and their carers.
To support Low Income people and Asylum Seekers to receive and practice these techniques using Funds.

In my work, I would like to :
- give helpful information to assess benefit
- be honest about possible benefits
- give authentic treatment and sessions to the best of my ability
- be clear and open on fees
- be clear on responsibility for cancellation and linked fees
- support joy and fulfilment for all

top photo credit - the wonderful NoƩlia Albuquerque

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