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16/6/21 tithing and supporting others - charities and more

I like to share part of my income (when there is enough of it) with others. This year I have supported friends from other continents, street people, along with Médecins Sans Frontières and Greenpeace.

If you would like to support me in some way, supporting a like cause is always appreciated.

post 15/6/21 - other ways to help - writing and writing skills

In a different area, I have been an Open University tutor for many years in various areas - mainly health and science, but really in basic academic skills - writing clearly. I also trained as a teacher for adults of English as a Foreign Language many years ago, complementing my long-term interest in languages generally.

If you need help with writing - perhaps English is not your first language, and you want to check your writing runs smoothly - then do get in touch with what would help you.
Or perhaps you are academically inexperienced - trying to up your education and writing skills; again, get in touch - let me know what you'd like, and we'll see if I can support you.
And I'm happy to look at other writing (I've done quite a bit over the years - doctoral/ papers/ presentations/ tutorials), or perhaps developing sessions, workshops, presentations, to see if I can help fine-tune and improve aspects of your work.

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shiatsu ... and presents - birthday, wedding and more...

Give someone a bit of piece of mind - Shiatsu can make a brilliant gift for a friend or family - it could be great for people who don’t need more ‘stuff’, but also to help people feel better in themselves – what could be a nicer gift?

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Regular introductory evenings...

Next Open Session - contact for date
FREE EVENT venue in Simpson Village, Milton Keynes.
- an opportunity to pop by the Practice, to meet Catherine, and to have a chat about how shiatsu, meditation, the Transformation Game could support you. You may have the opportunity to receive a short treatment, and take a look at the Game, to get a sense of how shiatsu would feel, how the Game plays out, and find out more about related exercises which can help support your wellbeing.

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Transformation Game

The Transformation Game is a Board Game which allows people to explore particular issues important to them at that time in a holistic manner. This gives space to consider such issues from a variety of different perspectives - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The Game may be played with others (2-6 players) or in a Solo version, where the focus is just on one player. The Game is facilitated by Catherine Scanlon, who helps explain the procedures, and supports reflection on the cards - Insights, Angel qualities and Setbacks - which are drawn. £80 Solo session (2.5- 3 hours); £60 per person for group Games. Allow about 2.5 hours per person in group Games. Contact Catherine directly to find out more.

There is a monthly Transformation Game which is paid by donation (you choose how much).
Contact Catherine at [email protected] for more information and to reserve a place.
Bookings need to be made by 2 weeks before to allow time for planning and preparation.

example days and timing for Games:
Solo Game - Monday, 2-5 pm; or Tuesday 7-10 pm
Group of 2-3 people - Wednesday 11-6 pm; or Thursday 2-9 pm
Group of 4-6 people - Saturday and Sunday 11-6 pm

Get in touch ...

by phone or text (07905-504418) or email if you'd like to come to the introductory talk and demonstration, discuss shiatsu options, or to make an appointment or booking.

Do visit my Blog if you'd like to follow some of my thoughts around health support (mainly) - and do post a comment to develop our conversation.

Wishing you well as we move through the season.

Catherine Scanlon
practitioner director
Breathing Space

if you would like to receive a Breathing Space newsletter as it comes out - hot off the press - then please email [email protected] with heading 'newsletter'.

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